It sort of speaks for its’ self. We are supposed to be learning here…evolving… doing a better job. Join the Eco-adventure diving of MCII and help take hold of our environment and get it back on track. Join the thousands of kids who want to have a clean ocean when they grow up…a clean ocean they can take their children to and not catch needles and garbage, but the snooks and groupers we used to catch in droves.

Take some time and help the supporters of MCII to make a difference. We will be working in four counties this year. Cleaning four inlets and 96 miles of the Indian River Lagoon. Our cleanup season starts in just a few weeks. We have big plans… Last year, with the help of 400 volunteers, we reached the magical and unbelievable mark of 300,000 pounds and by years end, we will reach 400,000 pounds maybe even 450,000 pounds. It depends on your help and good weather. We want 500,000 pounds…after all, the world is supposed to end this winter. We don’t want it dirty when we check out.

We would need to remove all 16 derelict vesels we have tagged to be removed and clear the three areas of mid to large debris we have identified to reach 500,000 pounds. That will require the help of all our voluteers and then some.

Come out on April 7th to Riverside Ft Pierce between the Ft Pierce Yacht Club and the Backus Gallery to the Oyster Festival and locate our booth….look for the stunning Oyster mascot…that will be Captain Don. He lost a bet, so he will be that adorable Oyster…ask him to see the pearl. He loves that.

Stop by the MCII booth and sign up. Learn about our activities and our upcoming events. Donate a little time on the water and find out why people from all over America are coming to Ft Pierce to learn just how we do what we do…why we do what we do. And just why it is so darned important.


The Staff of MCII