1. Bring your own dive equipment. Your local dive shop has anything you may need.

2. Rent tanks or bring your own. Local dive shops will discount the rental and refill your tanks afterwards for free if you mention this dive effort.

3. You will need a Diver Down flag and float with 20 to 30 feet of string to attach flag/float to you as a locator.

4. Bring a cutting device… a snubbed knife, rounded scissors or something you can use safely to cut fishing line and plastics.

5. You will need a “tank banger” to signal other divers of trouble or to indicate “end of dive/surface now.”

We have some inventory of these items, but with the overwhelming response, we do not have enough to go around. Each diver will HAVE to have a FLAG and FLOAT attached to enter the water.

Bring your C card and/or other proof you are a current certified diver.