Rewards for divers and captains

MCII is happy to announce that in 2012, three oil and gas companies and several large outlet stores have agreed to supply pre-paid gas and gift cards for distribution to divers(gift)and captains (fuel). After 10 years and over 300,000 pounds of debris removed, it is about time to reward this great volunteers in a more positive way without violating their amateur status.

We will again be leading the field in such a partnership. This will be a test program with success for the program based on volunteer levels and collected materials. We are still working on parameters and a few sticking points, but as for the concept and support, we are good to go.

We, in advance, thank our new corporate sponsors and look forward to working with you and to many more, that will be signing on soon. It is important for corporations to sing up and be PROACTIVE for these important issues rather than scrambling from a negative position and bad public relations. We applaud their forward thinking.