Tavernier Key Eco-Tour Trip Booked

MCII is all set to take a 20 diver team of volunteers and several cameramen to the Coral Restoration Foundation to assist with the planting of 1300 coral babies they have been raising this year. Divers will learn techniques and procedures in classes each morning. The afternoons will be used to view the “farm,” to repair damaged coral formations and to plant the new babies.

This partnership is a result of an NOAA and National Geographic Conference held December 1st in Miami. Captain don offered divers to the project manager after witnessing the fantastic work they do and realized their needs. Our divers work tirelessly in less than wonderful conditions to clear the waterways. This is a great opportunity to dive in clear warm water near the end of winter.

Techniques learned can be used to transplant coral here again as well. Although many so-called experts claim coral can not grow in water of this clarity and cold temprature, our divers know of clumps of existing coral and using our new skills can extend our gardens as well.

Donations were received for the bus round trip, but divers are currently bearing the cost of the remainder of the trip. All donations or sponsorship will be greatly appreciated and recognition will be generous. This is a fantastic feel good operation.

There may be a few spots left as people juggle their schedules. Our schedule is as follows:
4pm March 18 leave Dive Odyssea parking lot on the bus and head to keys
10pm’ish arrive Tavenier Key, Horizon Dive Center (rooms here too)
9am March 19 leave for morning classes at Coral Restoration Foundation
1pm two tank dive at coral park
rest of day off
9am March 20 leave for morning classes at CRF
1pm two tank dive at coral park
4pm board bus for Dive Odyssea
10pm arrive in ft pierce.

The cost is $270/diver plus food.

We will pick up pizza and drinks on the ride home.