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On Friday, March 18th, Marine Cleanup Initiative, Inc’s Operation Director Captain Donald Voss loaded 16 divers and 5 bubble watchers onto a Midnight Sun bus sponsored by Open Water Products President Jack Hudson, headed to Tavernier, Florida to the Coral Restoration Foundation. In December, Captain Don attended a National Geographic Seminar regarding the Blue Ocean […]


It sort of speaks for its’ self. We are supposed to be learning here…evolving… doing a better job. Join the Eco-adventure diving of MCII and help take hold of our environment and get it back on track. Join the thousands of kids who want to have a clean ocean when they grow up…a clean ocean […]

Rewards for divers and captains

MCII is happy to announce that in 2012, three oil and gas companies and several large outlet stores have agreed to supply pre-paid gas and gift cards for distribution to divers(gift)and captains (fuel). After 10 years and over 300,000 pounds of debris removed, it is about time to reward this great volunteers in a more […]

New logo unveiled!

Our new logo can be seen in shirt patches, on our letterhead, and all of our advertisements around the County, on the Turnpike and in print. Order your patches and support MCII’s efforts. FLEET INCREASES – TRASH BEWARE MCII will take delivery (again) of their specially outfitted deployment vessel. Returned for some modifications in the […]

Tavernier Key Eco-Tour Trip Booked

MCII is all set to take a 20 diver team of volunteers and several cameramen to the Coral Restoration Foundation to assist with the planting of 1300 coral babies they have been raising this year. Divers will learn techniques and procedures in classes each morning. The afternoons will be used to view the “farm,” to […]

Letter from Coral Restoration Director

Hi Don I am the new Operations Manager and Stephanie Roach is our new Field Biologist. We are excited about working with your group to help volunteer with our coral nursery and on restoration/monitoring work. Our ideal weekend would involve class work Sat AM with nursery work (2 tanks) in the afternoon. Sun AM class […]


2011 Schedule is now being created, if you have a pet project, know of sunken derelict vessels or marine debris, send MCII the GPS data and we will check it out. If you are a fisherman and continually are snagging the same places, send MCI those GPS coordinates and we will investigate. January 2011 – […]


By Captain Donald A. Voss Operations Director Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc. Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc (MCII) was founded some nine years ago to address the repercussions of the disposal of monofilament fishing line, plastics, casting nets, cargo nets, and miscellaneous fishing debris into the Sebastian Inlet. Over the years, this effort has expanded and now […]

Watch Where Your Donations Go

Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc is dedicated to cleaning our waterways. We post our accomplishments, videos of our efforts, and all newspaper articles that relate to our work on this site. Do not be discouraged by the fleecing artists and profiteers that frequent the south Florida beaches. Rather assist a worthwhile venture and follow the good […]